The table below shows the ownership structure of the Company in 10 May 2019:

Shareholder* No. of Shares** %
HIX Investimentos Ltda. 1,883,199 15.98%
SFA Investimentos Ltda. 1,343,300 11.40%
Bernardo Francisco Pereira 1,334,736 11.32%
Antonio Luciano de Camargo Filho 1,331,803 11.30%
Treasury Shares 240,701 2.04%
Others 5,653,464 47,96%
Total 11,787,203 100.00%
Free float 8,632,395 73.24%

* We emphasize that since the settlement of the Initial Public Offering, the rights and obligations of our shareholders‘ agreement ceased immediately, regardless of notice or obligation and consequently there is no longer a control group that owns more than 50% of the shares of the Company.

** Social Capital composed entirely of common shares.