Years in the market







We are here since the beginningSinqia S.A. (B3: SQIA3), a neologism inspired by the idea of ​​synchrony, was created in 1996 in São Paulo, Brazil, and is the provider of the most desired financial technology experience in Brazil.

We come to structure and shape. We are more than 1,585 employees, creating relevant solutions for the market, in the offices of São Paulo (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Salvador (BA), Curitiba (PR) and Florianópolis (SC).

By combining with our customers, we have brought systems, software, solutions. The Company offers five platforms of Software (Sinqia Banks, Sinqia Funds, Sinqia Pension, Sinqia Consortium and Sinqia Digital) and two of Services (Sinqia Outsourcing and Sinqia Consulting).

We lead the changes. Since 2005 we have implemented a consolidation strategy that resulted in the sector’s leadership after 20 acquisitions.

We accept the challenge. Public-held company (May-12), we raised R$ 39.7 million via IPO in B3 (Mar-13) and we were the first company in the access market to migrate to the Novo Mercado special listing segment (Aug-17).

We develop. We tested. We rethink. We completed our follow-on offering (Sep-19), raising R $ 362.7 million, inaugurating a new growth cycle.

We live the evolution. 4x among the 100 largest FinTechs in the World, according to IDC rankings (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).

We cause movement. We engage the market. We generate impulse. We create solutions that bring real benefits to those who use our products and services every day – ~ 500 customers.

And we exist for this.

We make the financial system pulsate.

The challenge of being one step ahead. We know the financial sector very well and, rather than making progress in this market, we anticipate its changes and movements. Over the past two decades, we have actively participated in its structural and digital revolutions. We believe that technological innovation inspires evolution. After all, it was like this, breaking through territory and risking it, that we came to leadership. We are base, system and connection. The universe of financial transactions is alive and embracing the challenge of always being one step ahead, we guarantee the positive impact of our performance.