Acquisition of Softpar

We communicate, in compliance with CVM Instruction 358, the indirect acquisition of all quotas of Partec Tecnologia Ltda. and NVA Representações e Participações EIRELI (together, “Softpar”).

Softpar is among the leading providers of software for banks, finance societies and development agencies, and reported gross revenues of R$ 18.2 million in 2018.

The initial acquisition price will be R$ 32.0 million, consisting of a Cash Payment of R$ 18.0 million paid today, and a Deferred Payment of R$ 14.0 million to be paid in 5 annual installments starting from the 1st closing anniversary.

The final acquisition price may be increased by an Earn-Out of up to R$ 6.0 million to be paid in 2021, subject to the achievement of a goal.

The signing of the Share Purchase Agreement was authorized by the Company’s Board of Directors, and the hypotheses covered by Article 256 of Law 6,404/76 were not verified.



Acquisition of Softpar
Settlement of the Debentures
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