Material Fact: Follow-on Pricing (SQIA3)

We inform, in compliance with the provisions of CVM Rule 358/02, of the Brazilian Securities Commission (“CVM“), and paragraph 4th of Article 157 of Law 6,404/76 (“Brazilian Corporation Law“), in addition to the information available in the material facts disclosed on August 26, 2019 and September 5, 2019 (the latter being called “Material Fact of the Offer”), informs to its Shareholders and the market that, within the scope of the primary offering with restricted placement efforts of its common shares, without par value, free and clear of any liens or encumbrances(“Shares“)pursuant to CVM Instruction 476/09 (“ICVM 476” and “Offer“, respectively), its Board of Directors approved, in a meeting held on this date, under the Offer, the establishment of the price per Share in the amount of R$ 62.00 (sixty-two Reais) (“Price per Share”), resulting in a total amount of the Offer of R$ 362,700,000.00 (three hundred sixty-two million seven hundred thousand Reais), which corresponds to the amount of the Company’s share capital increase, within the authorized capital limit provided for in its Bylaws.

Due to the Company’s share capital increase under the Offer, the Company’s new capital rose from R$ 50,560,593.84 (fifty million, five hundred and sixty thousands and five hundred ninety-three Reais and eight-four centavos), divided into 11,787,203 (eleven million, seven hundred and eighty-seven thousand and two hundred and there) common shares, all nominative, book-entry and without par value, to R$ 413,260,593.84 (four hundred and thirteen million, two hundred and sixty thousand and five hundred and ninety-three Reais and eighty-four centavos), divided into 17,637,203 (seventeen million, six hundred and thirty-seven thousand and two hundred and three) common shares, all nominative, book-entry and without par value.



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