Material Fact: Proposal for shares split (1:4)

We inform, in compliance with CVM Instruction 358/09, that was approved, by our Board of Directors, the convening of an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting (“EGM”) to deliberate on the split of the 11,787,203 Sinqia’s shares, in the proportion of 3 new shares for each 1 currently existing (“Split”), and consequent amendment to the Bylaws to reflect the new amount of 47,148,812 common shares, without change in the capital value, according to the Call Notice and Management Proposal disclosed today.

The shareholders entitled to receive the shares arising from the share Split will be entitled to receive their shares on the day of their approval at the EGM, which will be traded “ex-share split” on the next business day. The shares will be credited within 3 business days from the date of approval by the EGM.

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