Sinqia acquires control of LOTE45

We communicate that our subsidiary Sinqia Tecnologia Ltda. signed on this date, an agreement to acquire 52% of the capital of Lote45 Participações S.A. (“LOTE45”)

About the Business

LOTE45 is a benchmark reference in portfolio management and risk control used by more than 100 clients in investments industry, mainly family offices and asset managements. Its team is composed by approximately 30 employees with extensive knowledge in the business. Over the last 12 months ending on 12/31/2021, the company recorded a gross revenue of R$33 million (32.4% CAGR¹) and an EBITDA of R$14 million (margin of 44.4%). Currently, the company has approximately R$1 trillion in assets monitored by its systems.

About the transaction

Sinqia will own 52% of the share capital of LOTE45 and will have a call option of the other 48% to be executed within five years. The value of the transaction is composed of a cash portion of R$79.5 million and, in due course, an instalment portion conditional on the net revenue of 2022. The execution of the agreement for the acquisition was authorized by the Board of Directors of the Company and by the competent bodies of Sinqia Tecnologia.

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1: CAGR from dec/16 to dec/21.



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