Broker Analyst E-mail Phone Date Rating Target Price (R$)
BTG Pactual Carlos Sequeira / Osni Carfi carlos.sequeira@btgpactual.com / osni.carfi@btgpactual.com +1(646)924-2479 / +55(11)3383-2634  Feb-21 Buy 28.00
Credit Suisse Daniel Federle / Felipe Cheng daniel.federle@credit-suisse.com / felipe.cheng@credit-suisse.com +55(11)3701-6311 / +55(11)3701-6332 Aug-20 Neutral 25.00
Safra Silvio Dória V. de Carvalho / Luis Fernando F Azevedo silvio.v@safra.com.br  / luis.azevedo@safra.com.br +55 (11) 3175-7929 Mar-21 Buy 31.00
Eleven Eric Huang / Daniela Bretthauer eric.huang@elevenresearch.com / daniela.bretthauer@elevenresearch.com +55(11)4302-3340 Aug-20 Buy 36.00
Exame Bruno Lima / Vitor Melo  bruno.lima@exame.com / vitor.melo@exame.com mar/21 Neutral 27,00
Empiricus Max Bohm / Guilherme Ebaid microcap@empiricus.com.br +55(11)3900-2850 Jun-19 Buy 50.00
Genial Filipe Villegas filipe.villegas@genialinvestimentos.com.br +55(11)2137-8888 May-18 Buy N/A
Guide Luis G. Pereira tavico@guideinvestimentos.com.br +55(11)4883-6970 Jul-19 Neutral 50.00
Levante Eduardo Guimarães / Pedro Bresser smallcaps@levante.com.br / growth@levante.com.br +55(11)98435-3455 / +55(11)98383-2463 Jun-20 Buy 25.00
Suno Research Felipe Tadewald / Tiago Reis contato@sunoresearch.com.br N/A Oct-17 Buy N/A

The Company is followed by the analysts listed above. It is important, however, note that any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding the performance of the Company made ​​by these analysts are theirs alone and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions from the Company or our senior management. WE REINFORCE THAT THE TARGET PRICES UNTIL SEP /19 DO NOT CONSIDER THE SHARES SPLIT OF 1:4.